What is inner freedom?

In my opinion it is the state that allows you to explore different options and choose the one most akin to your soul, to your deep Self. Still, inner freedom is the possibility of getting out of the conditioning that acts in you, whether you are aware of it or not. My research has taught me that it is not enough to know that you have a program (conditioning, cognitive bias, prejudice) to free you from it, because the latter resides in the subconscious and is therefore your "supporting structure", at least until it is updated.

The subconscious

The subconscious has a data processing capability about a million times greater than the conscious, so you can easily imagine the difficulty of updating archaic programs installed in the backbone of the individual, protected by defense systems that, at least apparently, operate against the will of the subject. Getting rid of this condition is not easy even with the Energy Techniques, but it is precisely thanks to their wise use that you can head towards an ever greater inner freedom.

A unique process

Certainly this process is different for everyone, and it can only be so since each person is different. Yes, I know that "we are all One" and that at a quantum level there are no boundaries, but this awareness is true for the infinitely great (the Absolute) and for the infinitely small (the quantum world). In between we are, with our individuality, our stories, our uniqueness. In order to move towards inner freedom, therefore, one must first have desire for it. This is a great discrimination, because many people fear freedom, the twin of responsibility.

Use the Energy Techniques

Already in this phase the Energetic Techniques can be used, for example EFT:

"Although I don’t know if I really want to be free/free, I also love and accept the idea of not knowing" "Although I don’t really want to work and prefer to conform to the flock and the thought of the mass, I hope to be loved and accepted" (this is vaguely provocative)

Once it is established that he has a desire for freedom, he becomes aware of the starting point, the personal map with conditioning and sensitive areas.

Key questions

"What do I believe about myself, others, life? What do I fear most? What do I tend to avoid?"

Apply TAI based on the answer to these questions, for example on beliefs that have emerged, and also on fantasies (eg. I imagine that if I grow up then I get overwhelmed by responsibilities).

In questa fase emergono ricordi di ogni tipo, perché il sistema elabora tutto ciò che è rimasto “in attesa di digestione”. Ah, questa fase può durare anni 😉

We then get to work "up", that is to identify those conditioning to which we were so used to not even see them. This phase opens only when "memory space" has been released and generally requires a guide or at least a comparison. Here one becomes aware of very deep conditioning that can lead to great changes in the inner identity, the "who I am". It absolutely must be managed gradually, and the internal art of TAI is a very useful tool especially at this stage. Moreover, this process often occurs in leaps and bounds, that is, moments when everything seems static and others when changes follow each other at a rapid pace.

Recognize the stage you are in

Even recognizing what stage you are in can be of great help, so as to dose your efforts. Finally, the phases are not clearly separated but tend to overlap, creating a continuum that we can define "evolution". In any case, the use of Energy Techniques, even and especially if performed with continuity, can be decisive for the process of inner transformation.

To start or continue your inner process, watch the videos on the Youtube channel Inner Path and write me to andrea@sentierointeriore.com Inner Path e scrivimi a andrea@sentierointeriore.com