Stress, inner discomfort, a lack of meaning, but also difficulty in achieving your goals and making your life extraordinary. You've tried to change, but it feels like you're going in circles, and the results are inconsistent or unsatisfactory. However, you know you can do it, you know you have untapped potential. You need practical, functional, effective tools like the Techniques of Inner Alchemy (TAI)®, and, in general, modern energy techniques, innovative methods that allow you to update and transform your inner world even with just a few minutes of daily practice. This immediately translates into more vitality, increased well-being, and new energy to achieve what you truly desire. What you need to take this step is here, now: watch the video and discover TAI®, the method that revolutionizes the art of transformation and can help you live at a different pace.

Systems of Inner Self-Regulation

Human beings live in an environment of constant change, where each day brings its share of conflicts to overcome and challenges to conquer. Being like water, adapting to difficulties and embracing change, has become essential. Modernity has amplified problems but has also brought the gift of Energy Techniques, tools for rebalancing and inner transformation that can lighten and facilitate life. Among these, the Inner Alchemy Techniques (TAI®) stand out for their simplicity, effectiveness, and elegance.

Il logo raffigura il Tao (lo Yin e lo Yang) espresso nei quattro colori che distinguono le altrettante fasi di trasformazione alchemica, e ad ogni colore corrisponde una tecnica: EFT, TAI, AGER e PET. Insieme creano il Sentiero Interiore, una via di auto-conoscenza che utilizza antiche tradizioni unite alle moderne scoperte delle neuroscienze per favorire il benessere olistico, l'equilibrio e la consapevolezza.


The journey open to all is designed to teach the basics of various techniques, operational strategies to become autonomous, and achieve immediate improvements in one's life. It includes two levels for each technique, either in person or online, and practical workshops. The seminars enable learning how to transform the past, understand the meaning of symptoms, manage fears, and resolve conflicts, thus utilizing resources towards manifesting potentials and achieving goals.

Themes such as self-sabotage, excessive stress, lack of meaning, psychosomatic disorders, and dysfunctional behavioral patterns are gradually understood and rebalanced. Those who follow this path typically experience greater vitality, increased well-being, lightness, inner peace, centering, and the ability to achieve results. This is because energy techniques update and transform internal representations. This leads to transforming, almost imperceptibly, thoughts, emotions, sensations, and ultimately, actions and behaviors.

The Inner Path è un percorso di crescita e formazione ideato e condotto da Andrea Fredi, esperto di Tecniche Energetiche e autore di numerosi libri e DVD dedicati al miglioramento personale.

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If you are a professional in the field of relationship counseling or guided change and are looking for a new way to be of assistance, you are in the right place. Here, you can learn inner self-regulation techniques that, in the skilled hands of a professional, can make a difference in the lives of clients. Whether it's the various "tapping" strategies (Integrated EFT), the revolutionary Inner Alchemy Techniques (TAI), or the fascinating theoretical-operational model of AGER based on psychogenealogy studies, here you find the concrete possibility of an intensive and in-depth training, focused on individual and group lessons that allow you to learn the most effective change techniques currently available.

The Intensive Journey is an innovative educational format that allows you to learn one or more methodologies in-depth, experimenting with them directly on yourself. This leads to significant inner work combined with competence and confidence in their application with others.

The The Intensive Practitioner Course è un percorso di crescita e formazione ideato e condotto da Andrea Fredi, primo divulgatore di EFT in Italia, ideatore di TAI® e co-fondatore di AGER oltre che autore di numerosi libri e DVD dedicati al miglioramento personale.

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This is what professionals, practitioners, and clients think of me and energy techniques

 "Here's what they say."

Anna Maria Palma

Professional counselor and coach of emotional intelligence

"I found in these practices a useful expression and, if we want functional synthesis, a summary of many of my journeys."

Ezio Pirola

"With the EFT technique, I have been able to help various people overcome some personal issues, small or medium as they were. Some people, I have simply helped them become more aware that there was a problem."

"Discover here all the books and DVDs by Andrea Fredi."


Who is Andrea Fredi?

"I dedicate myself to research and training in the field of personal growth, and I enjoy finding solutions."

Ho inventato TAI® (Inner Alchemy Techniques), un sistema che trasforma letteralmente le rappresentazioni interne, aggiornandole alla loro massima espressione. Questo produce un effetto a cascata su pensieri, emozioni, sensazioni e azioni. Fondamentalmente, ho trovato un modo per mettere in pratica la massima: "Sii il cambiamento che vuoi vedere nel mondo".

Inner freedom and the energy techniques

"Certainly, this process is different for everyone, and it can only be so since each person is different." 

The key of the Energy Techniques

"So, when you practice EFT-i or TAI and stimulate the energy system, you focus on the interface between the mind-body system and 'disharmonious' representations."

Meaning, direction, destiny

"Explore the situations and give them meaning, finding the direction to connect with one's own destiny."

"Activities in person and online"

VITRIOL: serata di pratica gratuita - soirée de pratique gratuite
Lunedì 1 aprile 2024 - Lundi 1 avril 2024, en français à 21h
ore 20,30 su Youtube in italiano, ore 21,00 in francese
Per partecipare in diretta collegati al canale Youtube

Corso online

Corso EFT-i - Secondo Livello
Sabato 13 e domenica 14 aprile
Dalle 9 alle 13,30

Laboratorio di AGER

Il Meridiano del Tempo e il Genogramma
Siviano di Montisola (BS)
Data da definire, estate 2024

"Right from the start, I found in him a fundamental quality for me: humility. The ability to question oneself and not consider oneself 'arrived in life' is what makes us authentic and allows us to always be better."

Paola Franceschetti

"Andrea's style is unique, and he has the ability to convey his teachings in a very simple and effective manner."

Chiara Calosso

Essential counselor

"Featured Books"


Non permettere alle paure del passato di bloccare la tua vita. Risveglia la tua energia e ritrova il benessere attraverso TAI®.

Più attenzione per i clienti

I have had individual sessions with Andrea and participated in two workshops (EFT live and Ager), as well as the AGER I and II training levels. To summarize my experience, I use four keywords:
Heart - Calm Firmness - Humor - Professionalism.

Lorella Gatti

Andrea has become a friend and a reference point for me. Learning with him meant finding a welcoming, respectful, yet stimulating environment for personal growth and independence.

Paola Franceschetti

Availability because he always responds to requests, willing to listen and welcome doubts that become subjects for further exploration and evolution.

Anna maria palma

Andrea Fredi has been accompanying me for several years thanks to his training and supervisory skills. His empirical approach, experience, and intuition provide a deep and visionary perspective, inspiring my professional practice every day. 

Sandrine lecuyer


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Pratica online

VITRIOL: serata di pratica gratuita
Lunedì 3 aprile 2023
ore 20,30 su Zoom

Pratica online

VITRIOL: serata di pratica gratuita
Lunedì 3 aprile 2023
ore 20,30 su Zoom

Pratica online

VITRIOL: serata di pratica gratuita
Lunedì 3 aprile 2023
ore 20,30 su Zoom


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