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Every day, I receive many emails with requests for information and advice, and yes, I read all of those that come my way.

Below, I show you the different ways to contact me.

I receive many requests like: 'Can you help me solve...?' ; 'What phrases can I use for...?' or 'Can you answer some questions about this or that technique?'

I enjoy sharing what I have learned and created, and I strive to communicate it through this website. Here, on these pages, you'll find many of my insights, operational strategies, and knowledge about inner transformation techniques. If you have a question, you might find an answer already within the site. Otherwise... I'm here!

Thank you, have a nice wave,

Andrea Fredi

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Customer service

Customer support

If you're looking for assistance or information on one of my courses:

Integrated EFT

or any other information, send an email to andrea@andreafredi.com

I do my best to respond to customer service requests within the first 24 hours. I enjoy it when a person finds an answer and is satisfied.


Se sei un importante media, un blog o un podcast emergente che vuole intervistarmi, per favore forniscimi i dettagli e ti risponderò il prima possibile.


Quando tengo una conferenza, in genere chiedo un contributo per il tempo e l’energia che dedico. Do valore al mio tempo e offro valore al pubblico, do il massimo e ti faccio fare una bella figura per aver avuto l’idea di invitarmi. Se mi chiedi di parlare e non hai modo di versare un contributo, allora proponilo tu. Troveremo una modalità che soddisfi tutti.

Make me smile

Se mi segui e/o pratichi una delle tecniche e vuoi condividere la tua esperienza con me, puoi lasciare una testimonianza qui

Leggo ogni testimonianza e apprezzo tutti quelli che mi seguono.

Anything else

Se nessuno dei precedenti è adatto al modo in cui desideri contattarmi, compila il seguente modulo e ti contatterò personalmente


So many users can't be wrong

"I found in these practices a useful expression and, if we want functional synthesis, a summary of many of my journeys."

Anna Maria Palma

Counselor and coach

"I really like TAI. Besides using it personally, it has proven to be highly effective with some clients, and the changes have been profound and practically immediate. I can only recommend Andrea and thank him for everything I've learned from him over the years!"

Chiara Calosso

Essential counselor

"Andrea Fredi has been accompanying me for several years thanks to his training and supervisory skills. His empirical approach, experience, and intuition provide a deep and visionary perspective, inspiring my professional practice every day."

Sandrine Lecuyer


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